As a public agency, San Juan Island Park & Recreation District operates in accordance with RCW 42.56Public Records Act; which sets the rules for public agencies regarding the management of public records requests and the disclosure of public records. Island Rec strives to be a transparent agency, and a request for public records is an opportunity for the public to better understand Island Rec operations.
Please fill out the following form to accompany your request: Public Records Request Form. You will receive a response within five business days of receipt of your request. Forms are also available at the Island Rec office. Please be as specific as possible when making a request. Fees: There is no fee to inspect public records. If copies of documents are requested, electronic delivery is preferable. Fees are as follows: Small requests for documents electronically will be emailed directly to the requester. Larger requests may require a USB drive, which the requester may provide, or Island Rec will provide one at a cost of $5.15. Paper copies are $.15 per page. Requester is responsible for any shipping costs. Please contact our office with any questions, at (360) 378-4953, or email admin(at)islandrec(dot)org.