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2013 End of Year Report

San Juan Island Park and Recreation District (locally known as Island Rec) was established in 1984 as a junior taxing district for San Juan Island. It is governed by an elected board of five commissioners. Serving during 2013 were elected Commissioners Bill Cumming, Jacquelyn Reiff, Scott Zehner, Tracy Roberson and Jeremy Talbott who chaired the board in 2013.

It is the purpose of San Juan Island Park and Recreation District to enhance the quality of life on San Juan Island by:
• Offering the widest variety of leisure and recreational activities to all island residents;
• Acquiring, developing, maintaining, preserving and protecting recreational resources;
• Ensuring that recreational activities and facilities are accessible and affordable to all residents.

2013 was the fourth year of the 17 cent levy passed in November of 2009 and the fourth year of the inter-local agreement with the school district where as Island Rec funds school sports with seven cents of this levy. The 2013 operating budget totaled $774,996 of which 31% was earmarked for school sports.

Island Rec’s specific budget totaled $529,946 of which 66% was generated by property tax and 27% by program fees. Sponsorships, donations and grants contributed to 7% of the annual budget.

FANS, Families and Neighbors Support Island Rec, a 501c3 created in 2012 for the purpose of expanding Island Rec’s level of service and keeping it thriving, donated $8,700 in 2013. FANS funds purchased the equipment necessary for Movies in the Park, the new free outdoor movie series, as well as paid for the licensing fees. FANS was also a sponsor of Music on the Lawn, and supported swim lessons for 47 children.

San Juan Islanders and Island Rec benefited from the generosity of several key sponsors in 2013. Kings Market, Islanders Bank, Island Petroleum Services and Islanders Insurance each contributed $1,000 to Island Rec programs. Their sponsorship supported major island events and scholarships for San Juan Island residents. Additionally dozens of other businesses and individuals contributed money and goods to Island Rec.

Island Rec’s Director Sally Thomsen, completed her 14th year. Recreation Specialist Jason Davis completed 1.5 years, and Rec Specialist Morgan Johnston completed one year of employment. In August Heidi White completed her second year as the Administrative Assistant. Dale Downs continued in his 5th year as Park Maintenance/Custodian. A new ¾ time Recreation Specialist position was created to lead STAR (daily after school program), School’s Out Camps and Camp Eagle Rock. Previous CER Director Diana Feinson was hired in this position in May of 2013 resulting in more effective and cohesive services to families of elementary school children. Island Rec employed 22 seasonal and part-time employees working Camp Eagle Rock, Sailing Classes, STAR, Open Gym and Fair Building Programs and other specialty programs. 140 different volunteers (up from 95 in 2012) contributed more than 1,100 hours providing park and recreation programs and services for San Juan Islanders. Staff created a volunteer database this year to better track, retain and recognize our valuable volunteers.

Through its membership with Washington Parks and Recreation Association, Island Rec learned that sales tax needed to be collected and paid to the state for certain types of recreation programs. State requirements for collection of sales tax are inconsistent and vague. From information gathered from Washington Recreation and Parks Association Island Rec created its sales tax collection procedures.

Island Rec took two major steps forward in protecting children enrolled in an Island Rec program and the public at large who visit our parks. The Board chose to exercise its rights in providing a notice of Criminal Trespass to Level 2 and 3 Sex offenders living on San Juan Island that they may not visit an Island Rec Park or attend one of its programs. Additionally it broadened its background screening from a state to a national screening of employees and volunteers.

Parks, Trails and Open Space:
Island Rec operates three parks: The Family Park and Skate Park at the Fairgrounds, and Eddie & Friends Dog Park. 17% of tax funds collected finances the operation and maintenance of these three parks, the Trails Committee, and maintenance of the Lafarge Open Space Area. All parks and the Lafarge Open Space Area have regular local users and visitors. It should be noted that the Family Park offers the only public playground on San Juan Island and only public picnic shelter. It is the gathering place for many family events and children’s birthday parties.

Regular trash pick up and general maintenance occurs for these parks three times per week during spring, summer and fall, and is reduced to two times per week in the winter.

Improvements made this year to the Family Park included leveling of the safety surfacing and replacement of the climbing wall feature. In the Skate Park a spectator bench was added near the entrance and two new skating features were added as a result of cooperation with High School student’s Junior Projects. The Skate Park requires regular repairs each year due to acts of vandalism.

Improvements made to Eddie and Friends Dog Park included replacement of the storage shed and the purchase of a zero-turn mower.

The parking area at Lafarge was partially paved, making a significant improvement to the area.

The opening of the American Camp Trail highlighted the work of the Trails Committee. This trail begins in town and runs through private and public property ending at American Camp.
The cornerstone of Island Rec is its year-round broad recreation programming. It operates in three distinct seasons, offering special events and on-going activities for people of all ages. The majority of Island Rec resources are dedicated to recreation programs. There is a misconception in the community that Island Rec is for kids only. Although most resources are dedicated to youth and family programs people ages 20-91 accounted for 42% of the people in programs requiring registrations.

Highlights of the 2013 recreation program were:
• There was a 4% increase in program hours and a 12% increase in the number of participantopns in 2013 over 2012.
• Movies in the Park, a free outdoor movie series funded by FANS, attracted over 500 people in four weeks of outdoor showings!
• Three new popular summer camps were held in the weeks between Camp Eagle Rock and the STAR program.
• Teen program participation and opportunities expanded.
• Resurgence in popularity for Open Skate Night with attendance nearly doubling from the previous year.
• Scooter and Trike Night and Playtime in the Park, programs for preschoolers, continue to grow in popularity.
• Adults and seniors continue to benefit from specialty programs such as Pie Baking, Hanging Flower Basket making and Snowshoeing. There has been a steady increase of adult participation in weekly Badminton and Ping Pong, Roller Hockey and the Active Senior Fitness class.
• People ages 20 to 91 accounted for 42% of the people in programs requiring advanced registration.
• Island Rec provided over $21,600 in discounts, $3,000 more than in 2012, to over 100 San Juan Island residents.
Detailed information about the hours and participation of all of Island Rec’s programs can be found on the attached spreadsheets.

Partnerships are vital to Island Rec’s success and to serving the San Juan Island community effectively. Partnerships and cooperative programming avoids duplication of services and utilizes existing resources to deliver a better service. Island Rec continued its ongoing partnerships with:

• San Juan Island School District
• San Juan Island Chamber of Commerce
• San Juan Island Sailing Foundation
• San Juan Island Fitness Club
• Farmer’s Market
• San Juan Island Prevention Coalition

• San Juan Island Family Resource Center
• Port of Friday Harbor
• San Juan Nature Institute
• Village at the Harbour
• San Juan Island Library
• San Juan Island Historical Museum

Since 2008 Island Rec’s Board has been recognizing individuals, businesses and organizations with its Shining Star Awards and Volunteer Appreciation. Those recognized in 2013 were:

Community Spirit Award
Selfless giving of goods, services and or financial support
Islanders Bank
Since 2008 provided $500 annual sponsorship of the Children’s Festival

Partnership Award
Commitment to providing recreational opportunities through cooperative efforts
San Juan Island Prevention Coalition
Supports Island Rec in its efforts to provide opportunities for community members to engage in healthy recreational activities.

Outstanding Volunteer Service
Cinda Pierce and Dave Zeretzke
For their ongoing work on the San Juan Island Trails Committee and completion of the American Camp Trail.

Recognition of 5 years of Volunteer Service
Walt and Judy Cornell
Jeannette Logan

Recognition of 15 years of Volunteer Service
Louise Dustrude

Recognition of 20 years of Volunteer Service
Greg Earl
Jeff MacDonald
Bruce Rebhan

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Six-Year Plan

Click here to read or download a copy of Island Rec’s six-year plan: Island Rec Six Year Plan

Survey Results

Conservation Technix is pleased to present the results of the survey of the general population of San Juan Island assessing residents’ recreational needs, preferences and priorities. In close collaboration with staff and Parks Commissioners, Conservation Technix developed the 28-question survey which was estimated to take approximately 5-7 minutes to complete.

The survey was posted online via Island Rec’s website on April 28, 2011. Information about the survey was provided in the Summer edition of the Island Rec program catalog that was mailed to all residences during the first week of May. Additionally, advertisements were purchased in the Journal of the San Juans. Program users, stakeholders and civic groups were notified about the survey in person and via email. Print versions of the survey were available at the San Juan Island library, the Mullis Center and the Island Rec office. The survey was closed on May 21st, and preliminary data were compiled in advance of a community open house meeting hosted by Island Rec on May 25, 2011.

A total of 280 completed surveys were recorded, which is a sufficient sample size to assess community opinions generally and to review findings by subgroups including gender and age. Since the survey was open to the general public, and respondents were not selected through statistical sampling methods, the results are not necessarily representative of all San Juan Island residents. Percentages in the report may not add up to 100% due to rounding.

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